A World of Pain

Exterminis, Lord of Chaos and Destruction, rages inside a prison forged out of his own hatred.

Twelve gods tremble in his presence. Their combined strength could not defeat him, they could only imprison him. They watch his chains nervously, for if those chains should ever break, Exterminis will surely destroy them all, and the universe they have created.

The servants of the gods, the Celestials, fight an eternal war against the servants of Exterminis, the Infernals. A third, ostensibly neutral faction, the Guardians, seeks to protect the mortal world from the ravages of this war. They are failing.

In the mortal realm, hordes of demons ravage the land. The dead have risen from their graves, and terrorize the living. Pockets of pure chaotic energy, known collectively as the Warp, float across the land, twisting and corrupting every living thing they touch. Cities, nations, and even entire civilizations have fallen into ruin. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died, and more die every day. The survivors live in a constant state of fear and shock.

This is the world of Exterminis, the Destroyer.