The World of Exterminis

generalflameswordExterminis, the mad god of chaos and destruction, has broken loose from his prison and slaughtered the gods. The celestial realms are ablaze with the fires of hell.

The powerful angelic beings known as the Celestials have been hunted down and eradicated. The few survivors have been driven into hiding on the mortal realm.

Invisible pockets of chaotic energy, known collectively as the Warp, float through the mortal realm, changing everything they touch into monstrous abominations driven mad by pain and suffering. The world itself is breaking apart as natural disasters strike without warning.

Hordes of demons and legions of undead horrors roam the world, terrorizing the mortal races. They have no fear, no remorse, and no greed. They have no need to eat, drink, or sleep. They are driven by pure evil and hatred for all living things, and they absolutely will not stop.

The mortal races are at war for their very survival, and they are losing.

This is the World of Exterminis.