About Me


My name is Jay, and I am a writer. I’ve tried to do other things with my life, but I’ve failed at all of them. I’ve failed at writing, too, but it’s the one thing that keeps pulling me back time after time, failure after failure, and so I keep trying. I’ve quit more times than I can remember, but the muse just won’t let me go.

The Dark Universe started as a fantasy role-playing game I developed about twenty years ago called The Nightmare Arena. I built the game, and some friends and I played it once, and then…well…I decided to go on my own adventure. I started moving around the country (USA) like a madman. Somewhere along the way, I decided to write stories around the game, and I’ve been doing that (off and on) ever since.

When I wasn’t writing fiction, I was working at several different non profit organizations, and trying to make the world a better place. I helped build houses for the poor, granted wishes to adults facing terminal illness, delivered toys and clothes to orphanages around the world, helped women escape poverty through self employment, and helped people with disabilities lead more independent lives.

Then I sold out and went to work for the federal government. We don’t talk about that.

I am permanently retired now, due to disability. I was born with a progressive form of muscular dystrophy, and it finally got bad enough to make work impossible. I don’t really like talking about that, either. But, I’m trying to accept it as a part of myself, and so I am working on being more open and honest about it.

My life is simple and peaceful, and I like it that way. I play a lot of video games, read, and (sometimes) write.

I’ll probably have to quit a dozen or more times before it sticks. Until then…enjoy!