About the Universe

Imagine a universe where the very fabric of reality hates life, and actively works to destroy it. Imagine a universe hostile to life and all of creation, where the most powerful god seeks to destroy everyone and everything, and not even the combined might of the other gods can stop him completely.

The universe is a prison, and the warden is a madman who wants to kill the guards and inmates. They’ve managed to lock him in a cell, but his power oozes out between the bars, and corrupts guards and prisoners alike. It affects the food they eat, the water they drink, and even the air they breathe. He is felt everywhere, in everything.

Can life survive in such a hostile environment? Can love? Friendship? Trust? Can humanity find a reason to fight if there’s nothing worth fighting for?

This is the Dark Universe of Exterminis. I would tell you to abandon all hope…but hope fled the Dark Universe centuries ago, and took faith with it.

The Dark Universe is a hellish nightmare. The three main worlds are besieged by problems both natural and supernatural, and life is a constant struggle to survive. This is most apparent on Bloodshire, where actual demons and monsters roam freely, and least apparent on Eirth, where most of the monsters stay hidden in the darkness. On Cerron Prime, the humans have proven themselves to be the real monsters by destroying much of the world through greed and corruption.

Exterminis is the ultimate god. He is the ultimate power in the Dark Universe. He is much more powerful than any of the other gods, and even more powerful than all of them combined. He’s not just the God of Destruction…he is the living embodiment of the force of destruction. He is death. He is disease and decay. He is the erosion of mountains and the evaporation of water. He is the rust that eats metal, and the fire that eats wood. He is the word spoken in anger, and the door that slams shut when love ends. He is Exterminis, the Destroyer, and he is eternal.

The three worlds are entirely separate from each other. Events in one do not affect events in either of the other two. Although space travel exists, the people of Cerron Prime and their interplanetary counterparts have not discovered Eirth or Erdael (Bloodshire).