Cerron Prime

Cerron Prime is a futuristic world that has been torn apart by war and technology-fueled disaster. Most of the world is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but small, isolated city-states remain, protected by energy shields and high-tech weaponry.

The civilizations that remain have figured out interstellar travel, and now thrive among the stars. They have found many old enemies, but have made many new allies as well. War has become an interstellar affair, and hostilities spread across many different planets simultaneously.

But deep within the coldest, emptiest region of space, Exterminis rages against his chains and reaches into the minds of all sentient beings, causing chaos and destruction. The time for the final battle will soon come to pass. Will life finally be free of Exterminis’ corruption, or will we succumb to the hatred in our souls and finally set him free?


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