“You seem surprised to see me, lover. What’s the matter? Didn’t expect me to survive our little trip to the Dread Swamp? I must admit…it hurt my heart when you stabbed it with your poisoned blade. It hurt like hell. Oh, don’t look so frightened, dearest. I forgive you. After all, what’s a little pain between lovers, right? It’s nothing. Honestly, it hurt a lot less than that time I found you with my chambermaid. Now, that hurt my heart.

“You’re right, you’re right. It’s all in the past, and I shouldn’t keep bringing it up. It just seemed relevant, somehow, to our current state of affairs. Nuh uh uh…no use crying out for your guards, my dear. Look, here they are now. As you can see, I’ve given them the same gift you gave me. Their loyalties lie with me, now, but don’t worry your pretty head about that, my prince.

“Do you remember our wedding night, when you ordered them to hold me down so that you could take your pleasure? They’re just here to do that again. Only, this time, they’ll be holding you down while I take pleasure in your screams and tears and impotent rage. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it, my love?

“What was it you told me that night? Oh, yes. I remember.

“Do try and relax, my dear.’ That’s what you said. So, now it’s your turn. Do try and relax, my dear. This will only take…an eternity.”

Necromancer by Mario Wibisono