The Sundering

For ten thousand years, the mortal races lived in relative peace and prosperity. Nations, and even entire civilizations, rose, warred with each other, and fell into obscurity, only to be replaced by stronger nations and even more prosperous civilizations. The mortal races flourished, and the world remained unchanged.

An event known as the Sundering changed everything. The veil between the worlds was ripped open, and the demons from a thousand hells poured into the mortal world. A population that had never known true terror was suddenly faced with their deepest and darkest fears.

As if the demons weren’t bad enough, the dead began rising from their graves. Zombies, skeletons, and other undead horrors crawled out from the earth and began terrorizing the people.

Pockets of pure chaotic energy began floating across the wold, corrupting everything they touched. Plants and trees have become monsters that attack anyone and anything that gets too close. Animals, driven insane by the pain of being twisted into monstrosities, roam the land in a furious attempt to end the pain. Known collectively as the Warp, these terrors are invisible and almost completely undetectable.

The Dwarves and Elves have been completely eradicated, leaving the world populated by humans, feral, kucheri, and peri…all of whom fight for their very survival against a world that suddenly seems hell-bent on killing them. This is the world of Erdael, more commonly known by the name of it’s largest city: Bloodshire.

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