The Age of Dreams

Mensana, Goddess of Magic, Science, and the Laws of Nature, read from the Holy Book of Laws, and her words became the laws of the universe. Next, Athora, Goddess of the Moon and the Stars, reached into her bag of elemental dust, and scattered it throughout the universe, creating the suns and stars, planets and moons.

Ahto, God of the Oceans, Seas, Rivers, and Lakes, shed his tears over the land, and created the waters. Kaleda, God of Mountain and Stone, struck the world with his battle hammer, and forged the mountains as he lowered the valleys. Kaupoli, Goddess of Nature, filled the wilderness with plants and trees and vegetation of every kind. Finally, Aretamas, Goddess of Animals, Hunting, and the Circle of Life, populated the world with animals and set the great Circle of Life spinning.

Three races were brought from beyond the veil to worship the gods in the mortal realm. Kulittan, Goddess of Arts, Poetry, and Music, brought forth the elves from beyond the veil so that they might worship her and delight her with their artistic revelry. Kaleda, God of Mountains and Stone, brought forth the dwarves from beyond the veil so they might worship him and delight in the treasures under the earth. Hedonus, God of Lust, Greed, and Indulgence, brought forth the humans from beyond the veil so they might please him with sins of flesh and conquest.

As three races were brought forth from beyond the veil, three races were created to dwell within the mortal realm. Tirath, God of Honor, Courage, and Bravery, created the mighty ferals to be stewards of the land and protectors of nature. Aretamas, Goddess of Animals, Hunting, and the Circle of Life, created the kucheri to live among the animals and serve as the bridge between the sentient races and the natural world. Finally, Enshari, Goddess of Darkness and Trickery, created the peri to be the scourge of the other races and to conquer the mortal realm.

The elves and kucheri retreated to the wilderness areas, and existed peacefully with the natural world. The dwarves carved the mighty kingdom of Thornhelm deep under the mountains, while the cruel peri carved a kingdom out of ice at the top of the world. The powerful ferals moved into the cold wilderness of the North and forged a peaceful and honorable society.

No race felt the desire to explore and migrate more than the humans. From the cradle of civilization at Bloodshire, the humans spread across the mortal realm in all directions, creating proud kingdoms, free city-states, and other nations as they went. Some nations, such as Calimshan and the Ahriman Empire, were dedicated to the gods, while others were developed around trade opportunities or the collection of natural resources. 

For ten thousand years, the mortal races lived in relative peace and harmony. Nations fought wars, and the mortal races often came in conflict with each other, but the violence seldom lasted long or caused much suffering. Civilization marched forward comfortably, and wealth flowed easily.